Teasing the Parrot by Paul Charles Chocarne Moreau

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Teasing the Parrot by Paul Charles Chocarne-Moreau (Paul Charles Chocarne Moreau)

Painting NameTeasing the Parrot
Painter NamePaul Charles Chocarne Moreau
Current LocationPrivate collection



Have you ever teased anyone or gotten teased by anyone?

Apparently, nobody’s an exception. And one can never forget the time when he/she was teased by a bunch of his classmates fighting back with wittier comebacks.

Paul Moreau’s masterpieces of depicting small incidences of Parisian teenagers continue in the current picture.

His iconic character of a little chef re-appears and this time, instead of being victim of the scene, he is creating the scene by teasing a parrot outside a shop.

Artist has always emphasized childhood’s those little things which could be represented as a major element of anyone’s teenage. His jokes are natural and original and he always tried to depict the scene which could be related in real life. Teasing someone was a pure joy and element of those days.

It might seem a little unimportant after growing up, but in childhood, teasing is a major part. Children love to tease anyone they find feasible. That’s a way of them understanding each other well and having some fun.

Here, is just another painting of his favorite character- a small chef teasing a bird. Though, it could look a little offensive right now that a kid is shown smoking cigarette. But back in time, Paris possibly didn’t have the no-smoking-for-kids rules or more possible fact could be that the character is enjoying a cigarette out of anyone’s watch.

So, the painting is a depiction of a child’s mind. At the age, no one thinks something is appropriate or not. They just do whatever comes in their mind. Teasing is one of those innocent habits which fade away with passing times.


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